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Alices Nightmare is an Alice Cooper tribute band. Our song samples include: The Black Widow, Go To Hell, Eighteen, Billion Dollar Babies, Welcome to My Nightmare, Devils Food, and Years Ago. We do almost 2 hours of music and theatrics on a fully decorated stage with some really wild props. Like our Bozo the Clown, from WBGN TV, original toy box and confetti canon. Some magic illusions like our Frankenstein monster, sword coffin, and now an electric chair, with more big illusions to come. Depending on the venue, size of stage, and available space and time, depends on the size of our theatrical show.

We try to do all the hits we can, but we also do some songs not so well known. Let’s face it all of Alice’s music is great, you’re sure to entertained!

Please click on one of the following tracks to listen

Years Ago

Devils Food

Welcome To My Nightmare

Billion Dollar Babies


Go To Hell

Black Widow

Be sure to check out our next page “The Fright Zone” to see pictures taken of us while we’re performing our shock rock show at various venues in NY and CT. With more outlandish performances coming soon!

The Fright Zone